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A Wordsearch Solver
Programmed by Alexander M Kasprzyk

Boggle Search can be downloaded here.

About Boggle Search

Frustrated with constantly loosing during their late night/early morning "Word Games" at Playsite, I was prompted by James Anderson, David Webster and Robert Wells (all pretending to be reading mathematics at Brasenose College, Oxford) to write this program. Basically it plays the game for you, finding all the possible words which can be made from a given grid of letters.

You can choose to find words which are a minimum of 4 or 5 letters long from a 5x5 letter grid, or you may select to find words which are a minimum of 6 letters long from a 6x6 grid of letters.

Late night games at Playsite have suddenly become a lot easier to win...

What does Boggle Search require to run?

Boggle Search was developed for Classic Mac OS; it will run on OS X under Classic emulation.

Boggle Search only runs on Power Macintosh (PPC) computers. It requires a minimum of System 7.0 to run, though if you are using a version of the system software older than System 7.5 you will need to install the Thread Manager extension available free from many sources. A minimum of 5Mb of free memory is required.

Boggle Search can be downloaded here.

Boggle Search was programmed by Alexander Mieczyslaw Kasprzyk in 1998. The program is copyrighted and is freeware. This means that it can be freely distributed provided the application remain unchanged. It may not be distributed for any commercial gain without first consulting the programmer.