Various Programs for Mac OS
Comment Inserter Icon Comment Inserter

A simple application which provides a handy window for storing useful pieces of text such as comments. This window floats above all other open applications, thus providing easy drag and drop access to your text from within any Drag Manager aware application. "Comment Inserter" supports easy management of C, C++, Java and Pascal style comments.

Tankscape Icon Tankscape

A simple one-player tank game. You can play on a variety of terrains against a multiple number of tanks controlled by the computer. The objective of the game is to destroy the computer's tanks before they destroy you. This small little game was programmed because I was interested in seeing how intelligent an AI I could write using very basic techniques. When multiple AI tanks are activated they use flocking routines similar to Boids which can prove quite effective.

Boggle Search Icon Boggle Search

A wordsearch solver for Playsite Tangleword grids. Feel free to use this program to satisfy your own curiosity about how many words remained unfound on a word grid, but please don't use it to cheat - that ruins the fun for everybody, including yourself!