Programming Utilities for Mac OS

Comment Inserter Icon Comment Inserter

A simple application which provides a handy window for storing useful pieces of text such as comments. This window floats above all other open applications, thus providing easy drag and drop access to your text from within any Drag Manager aware application. "Comment Inserter" supports easy management of C, C++, Java and Pascal style comments.

Rsrc2Data Icon Rsrc<->Data

A little utility which allows you to copy a data fork into a resource file, or a specified resource into the data fork.

Insert String Code Icon Insert String code

This is a simple function written in C which allows a programmer to insert a pascal string into another string. For example, you could pass it the string "\pThe answer is ^n" and have "\pfourty-two." inserted where the "^n" is. The code is totally free, and you can use it or abuse it as much as you like.

MultiBit Code Icon MultiBit code

MultiBit is a set of routines written in C which allow a programmer to create and manipulate arrays consisting of numbers in any bit length. For example, you have a huge array of 50,000 chars (8-bit numbers). That array takes up close to 50k. A char can store up to 256 different numbers, but you may be using data that has only 6 possible states. You could store your data in a MultiBit array of 3-bit numbers, which is 62% smaller in size. This code is free to use in your own projects.

Sprite Functions Icon Sprite Functions code and encoder

A sprite encoding utility and source code written in C for loading and drawing sprites at amazingly fast speeds. Adapted from the book "Tricks of the Mac Game Programming Gurus" you can change this code as much as you want for use in your own projects.

Text Credits Icon Scrolling Text Credits by Mark Womack

A collection of functions written in C which allow easy scrolling of text. A simple example of its use in a modal dialog box accompanies the code, but it can also be used easily in a modeless dialog.

Pascal String Icon Pascal String Functions for C

A collection of C functions which make using Pascal strings (eg. Str255) in your code much easier.

  • NumberStringUtil - code for converting numbers to strings and a function which makes adding 1 to a number stored as a string very quick and easy indeed.
  • CoreStringUtil - code for adding chars, strings and OSTypes onto the end of Pascal strings.